Meet up and PLAY wants to bring that playful spark of joy to the corner of your eyes, time after time. To achieve this Meet up and PLAY innovates real world play experiences, for you to meet people and have fun together.

About the founder

Meet up and PLAY has been founded by Nico Pierik: a self-taught play experience designer. He also has a lot of experience with various sports, including soccer, speed skating, canoe polo, kenpo karate and frisbee golf (known as disc golf).
Due to an unexpected turn of events Nico got a partial paralysis at the end of his studies, fortunately with hope of a physical recovery. After ten years of effort and perseverance he recovered. This has given him experience with both the mental and physical side during a longterm recovery. Therefore Nico knows a low threshold is very important for athletes to be able to start with any sport. And he knows what an athlete needs to continu in a sport.
Nico invented the new sport Chopdisc, a frisbee game with dart-style scores. He is developing this game and has a lot of fun playing it.